Quality guaranteed

In the green house a unique track of pipes was developed to improve the work environment for all employees. It is because of this system that employees no longer need to lift anything from the ground. Also every branch is individually hung on the rail creating ideal circumstances for each branch that is harvested.
Theo Ammerlaan has developed a unique machine for mixing all branches. Thus reducing all labour into a minimum. This also reduces the number of times a branch is handled improving it's quality.
Because Theo Ammerlaan started growing cucumbers he had lots of experience in fighting insects in a natural way. This experience is now adapted in the growing of orchids.

Theo Ammerlaan Orchids is allowed to carry the MPS-growers seal of quality. This is an environmental decision, but Theo Ammerlaan also pays close attention to the use of energy. His new green house uses double energy screens and the walls are all isolated.

At the moment the company is continuously investing in new and improved species.